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Press Deck

For questions specific to the VK_FOOL_printed_surface specification please refer to the specification appendix.


VK_FOOL_printed_surface is co-authored by Joshua Ashton and Liam Middlebrook. Liam handled the majority of the specification work, while Josh handled the CUPS layer implementation.

VK_FOOL_printed_surface is a labor of love; written in our free-time.

VK_FOOL_printed_surface is the newest innovation in the cross section of the Printed Media and Vulkan ecosystems!

You can print frames in Vulkan now! No longer are the days of yore when a frame would only last until the next vkQueuePresent() landed. Now you can cherish your favorite frames and have them last forever. Hang up your new family heirloom on the wall, or put them in a time-capsule for generations to come.

Right here at ! Tell your friends, tell your foes, tell your dog, tell your frog!

Right now! Published on 2022-04-01.

We’ve made a pull request (see above) to increase awareness of this effort, but ultimately don’t plan to see this go upstream?

Did the vendor-string FOOL give it away? (Yes, please don’t think this is a serious extension).

Media Samples

Two frames printed from Quake II RTX


VK_FOOL_printed_surface brings over 580 years of innovation to reality!

– Johannes Gutenberg